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We will be closing down some of our servers over the coming twelve months.  This means if you are on one these servers and your hosting account is due for renewal, you will need to either upgrade your service to our larger hosting packages or move your account to another provider.  Obviously, we would prefer you upgrade your account with ... Read More »

Dec 10th Ensure your Scripts are Up to Date

As the holiday shopping season has begun it is more important than ever for businesses to make sure their websites are secured against attackers. Staying on top of script updates (plugins and themes included) is one of the easiest and most vital parts of securing your website. We wanted to take a moment to cover a couple of serious updates that ... Read More »

Oct 27th Slow Email

After our recent server upgrade, you may experience some slowness in email sending. This is due to the new setup on the server and the server getting to know your email details. If this is continues beyond the next week, please let me know and we can see if there are any other issues.